Blogpost- Ludum Dare #44

Ludum Dare #44

Ludum Dare #44 is over!

This time it was a little bit different for us. We knew beforehand that we wouldn't be able to commit 100% of our time, due to real life and client work. So we decided to keep the scope small and simple, to not put more pressure on ourselves.

The jam site we were at was pretty vibrant and full of positive energy, with everyone being helpful and kind.

The theme of the jam was "Your life is currency". We didn't really like the topic, since it kind of reminded us of Ludum Dare #43 (Sacrifices must be made).

However after around one hour of bouncing around ideas, we've come to a conclusion. A couple of weeks ago we've watched a documentary about a single mom with 2 kids, living in a motel room and three part time jobs... So we decided to make a game out of that.

The game we came up with puts you in your different jobs and presents you with a set of cards, where you can decide between two actions (like in the game Reign). Based on the choice, you earn money (or not...). With that money you have to buy food for your kids, pay bills or medicine. Keep yourself and your kids healthy and "happy", otherwise the game ends.