Funding for our game idea!

Holy smokes! We are thrilled to share with all of you that our game concept for "Puzzle Dungeon" got funding from the FFF Bayern!

In February we prepared the needed documents and forms for the game concept funding. After waiting and hoping for a month we got the positive response that our request for funding was granted!

The current working title for it is "Puzzle Dungeon".

As fans of puzzle games we of course also like line puzzles. However we have noticed that most of them are extremely similar with their visuals. We took this as a chance to bring in our own thoughts!

With "Puzzle Dungeon" we want introduce a very different art style to this genre.

Puzzle Dungeon combines the classic "Line Puzzle" genre with a dark medieval fantasy setting. The player has a set of placeable characteres, each of them with individual stats and abilities. He has to place them in the dungeon and drag them around in order to defeat each and every single monster to proceed.

We are very much looking forward to exploring this idea further and are grateful for the trust of the FFF Bayern and the jury.

Also all the best for the other selected developers with their ideas!