Blogpost-Global Game Jam 2019

Global Game Jam 2019

Another Jam, another chance to get something small going! We've participated in the Global Game Jam 2019. This years theme was "What home means to you". We've bounced around quite a lot of ideas of what home means to us, but in the end it boiled down to the fact, that we think home is where we can be in peace together.

For the game we designed a tiny imaginary flat. Being together and feeling at home however does not always mean pure joy. To have a nice home also means doing chores and working together as a team, to keep things smooth. We decided to make the game a multiplayer game (which we also haven't really tried before!). One palyer controles Simone, the other Josef.

Every room in the flat has some "stations" where chores need to be completed, e.g. cleaning the bathroom, sorting dirty laundry, doing paperwork etc. Every chore consists of a different minigame. The minigames should invoke the feeling of repetition or hectic, that some real live tasks would bring with them.

Enough of all the talking! This time there's an other video of the whole Jam!