Blogpost-Castle Game Jam

Castle Game Jam

This is kinda where it all started with us and learning how to do visual scripting…

Castle Game Jam was huge for us. Before that we had always jammed with other people or worked with other programmers. This was the first game jam where we both were truly on our own. Ok well… not completely, seeing as there were like 70 awesome people around us, that could help at any time. Also fortunately we had one whole week to come up with our first game together. And yeah it took place in THAT castle 😀🎮🏰

So what kind of game did we make?

The name is Capricious Agantha.  And well this is what we managed to do with zero programming knowledge, a lot of enthusiasm and some fever due to a nasty cold.

The most infuriating part of the whole jam was probably getting the tileset to work in Clickteam Fusion. We basically dragged and dropped everything by hand. Writing this now, I can think of so many other things we could have done to save time on this. Well, at least we managed to have something running and some cool fog and light!

If you are curious, we even made a video about the whole thing: