Occasionally we take part in Gamejams like the Ludum dare, Global Gamejam or the one hour gamejam.
On this page you can find an overview of our Gamejam projects so far.
Furthermore you can play all of our games on our page or watch them get made on youtube!


Space Junk Workshop

Jam: Global Gamejam 2020

Theme: Repair

In this game you have to fix other people's things… in your very own Space-Workshop! In case you are not familiar with alien technology: Don't worry! There is a handy manual where you can look up any design that's needed.

But don't take too long, other customers are already waiting

Play the game here!

The Only One

Jam: Game Makers Toolkit Jam

Theme: Only One

The only one was an experimental story game, made for the Game Makers Toolkit Gamejam in August 2019.

Certain memories need to be rediscovered in order to "relive" the situation. Sometimes we only value something or someone, when we don't have them anymore.

Play the game here!

The Circle

Jam: Ludum Dare #44

Theme: Your life is currency

You are a single parent. You live in a Motel. You have two kids. You have three part time jobs. You are worth nothing, right?

Manage this type of life for one week. Please don't screw it up.

Writing by Jonathan Rozenberg.

Play the game here!

The Waiting Game

Jam: One hour gamejam #201

Theme: One hard minute

It is not really a game, but more of a very short experience, where the ending highly depends on your individual experiences.

Play the game here!


One hour gamejam #200

Theme: Reflection

The creative juices didn't flow much that day, so we just made a kid trying to get some plushees.

Enjoy his reflection in the glass.

Game can not be won.

Play the game here!

Living together

Global Gamajam 2019

Theme: What home means to you

We love being at home together! But a home can only work if both partners team up and help each other out.

In the game both players have to do chores like cleaning, watering plants, doing laundry, etc...

Play the game here!

We are running out of
Space Janitors

Jam: Ludum Dare #42
Theme: Running out of space

You are a Space Janitor! At a research facility chaos broke loose and it is your task to eliminate as much Slimes as you can - and clean up the mess! Otherwise it will have deadly consequences!

Music by TeknoAXE

Play the game here!

Capricious Agatha

Jam: Castle Gamejam 2018
Theme: Capricious

Our very first game jam project together!

Made during Castle Gamejam in 2018 with the engine Clicktem Fusion.

Explore the city to gain hearts.

Talk to the inhabitants.

Beat Agatha!

Music by Elie Abraham